You killed so many, and only one is left for us?

Why do you look down on us?
We are the best of the best!
"Don’t die, boys." Gray spot next to her shoulders said.
Chapter 76 Even more powerful, the giant dog treads.
"Help! Run! "
"Run, run!"
"What the hell is this monster!"
It’s like when Zhuang slaughtered Hammer City alone not far away.
In the manor, the special training team tried their best to deal with the swift hunting of war dogs. Not far from the manor, it had already crashed into the rifle-throwing dog team, which was reloading and bursting.
He gave off a silver glow, and his right fist directly penetrated several wars, and the dog crashed into the floor. When the bracket was reloaded, the giant dog’s body triggered a series of big explosions.
"Boom, boom, boom …" Heavy dog armor was detonated in turn, accompanied by a few spikes, and the dog was also a bone.
When the ground was covered with flames and escaped, the leader of Hammer Man was heartbroken and delighted.
If it explodes like this, Zhuang should have been killed in it!
Then he saw the ground suddenly bulge, and a small hill and stone climbed out of the ground not far from Zhuang.
No … How is that possible?
They hammered people into the Guards and fought for several times in the exile era, almost never losing!
Today, in less than five minutes, I have lost half of the war dogs and soldiers!
And this guy didn’t die in that explosion!
Zhuang is not far from the small stone head and looks at the enemy.
At that moment, the hammer leader was so scared that he stumbled on the ground and almost cried.
"Quick … run! Run! " He struggled to give the order.
When I came, I was killed not far from Zhuang. Not far from Zhuang, I was brutally examined. These people were suddenly scattered.
Next to watch more than a dozen forces people stared at the scene in front of them.
This …
I know that the shopkeeper has strong fighting capacity, but this is too strong!
Originally, the shopkeeper was asked to collect the body this time, and the breakfast village was collected. Who thought …
The body was almost collected, but it was the Hammer City Army?
Not far from Zhuang, of course, these people will not be put away from him. At the small stone, the head points to a small stone in front and suddenly rushes out.
A giant war dog was bitten by a huge jaw of a small stone, and its hind leg was cut short. Not far from Zhuang, it directly filled a fist and killed another one.
The other war dogs ran faster, and the small stone stared at it again and suddenly jumped …
I jumped.
The giant war dog suddenly rose from the ground and flew up, leaving a small stone to jump on the ground.
The giant dog of war, on the other hand, ran to the sky on all fours like stepping on the ground.
"Oh, no!" Not far from Zhuang, I realized that the enemy had left the forbidden stone wall.
There is a saying that "it’s like adding wings to a tiger". How powerful would it be if a tiger had wings?
Not far from Zhuang in a second, I realized it
"Ha ha ha he can’t fly!"
"Give me Fried! Blow him up! "
I struggled from the ground and pretended that I didn’t scare the urine hammer. The leader waved a well-maintained hammer and roared at the ground.
"Boom boom!" Dozens of burst spears shot at the ground almost at the same time.
Small stone looked up at day hurriedly ass pursed to drill.
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
Zhuang is not far away, but he leaps high and rushes to the hammer leader, the war giant dog, in this burst javelin.
Seeing that he was about to blow the dog, suddenly a burst came from the oblique thorn, and the javelin "exploded" with a loud noise, and Zhuang was blown out not far away.
"Damn it!" Zhuang is not far from adjusting his posture in the middle school, and there is another burst of javelin shooting.
Not far from Zhuang, it’s like being thrown a fly ball, losing its defense ability in the middle of the battle, getting shot several times abruptly and being blown up.
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Kill him!"
"You are dead!" Not far from Zhuang, he shouted "Little Stone!"
Small stones on the ground drill out again, and a bucket on the back of the body is not far from the Feishe Village.
Not far from Zhuang, he stretched out his hand to pick it up. Suddenly, next to it, he burst and shot a gun to blow the bucket to pieces.
"Mom!" Not far from Zhuang, I can’t help cursing

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