Then they saw a piece of A4 paper.

The red pen painted-
Welcome (/)
And there’s a bomb on one side!
A time bomb connected with thousands of explosives!
The explosives are piled up in a dense and neat way!
This scene made the uninvited guests who rushed in here numb.
They don’t care so much, turn around and run.
But the countdown is back
Let the whole’ Star City’ tremble and the explosion happened.
The whole block was razed to the ground
Counting greed humanizes the dead
Ten minutes later, a dozen police cars appeared here.
"Wow, what a big scene!"
I have been informed by Ann for a long time, and Xiusta couldn’t help whistling.
Police officers maintained the scene.
"There are still living people here!"
A police officer shouted
Anma ran over and frowned.
It’s Burton!
She knows this congressman!
A guy who should have died a long time ago!
Did you not die in such a big explosion because you were far away from the explosion center?
Or what protection do you have?
"Call me an ambulance!"
"Damn Goethe Winchester!"
"I must make him understand what life is worse than death!"
Burton didn’t forget to vent his anger when he groaned.
Ann’s eyes are slightly narrowed.
The policewoman shouted at the police officer and said
"I’ll take it from here!"
The police officer nodded and continued to search forward.
Ann was about to help Burton, but suddenly the policewoman’s face changed.
"Be careful of booby traps!"
The policewoman made a beautiful tactical roll as she said this.
Burton was smashed into a sieve by shrapnel and couldn’t die any more.
I am still in shock.
Hugh Starr is running.
I was relieved when I saw that my best friend was all right.
"Goethe booby-trapped?"
Xiusta frowned and then shook his head.
"Goethe knows that we will come to the scene at the first time. Is it because those guys divide the spoils unevenly?"
The policeman could not help but say after confirming Burton’s identity
"Well, there is a high probability."
Ann nods
“! These guys deserve to die! "

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