The quotation of Neng Bioengineering Company is …

Xu suddenly choked.
200 million?
"I don’t believe it! Can the manor have 200 million? " Xu jumped to the front of Zhuang not far away, his eyes bulging like a frog. "How can he have 200 million!" "
Not far from Zhuang, what have you said? I can’t have 200 million.
"The fund of Neng Manor has been put into a special account before the merger and acquisition, which has been verified," said Zhou Xiangan.
In fact, he also wondered why Zhuang would quote this price not far away. If Zhuang offered more than 1.2 billion yuan, he could do it. It was a matter of resistance.
Of course, he didn’t know that Zhuang was not far away. He studied the three-phase book for several days. Looking at the formula of the graph, he almost forced the last one to make a determined effort.
Xu choked to death for a long time, unable to speak. Finally, he said, "I protest against the acquisition of a professional technology company, and I have to consider not only the money but also the subsequent development of the technical strength of this company. Virtual City Tunnel Construction is a professional technology company to transfer this company to a layman …"
"You are right." Glory An Wei smiled and knew he was angry when he was familiar with others.
"If you consider technology, I’m afraid the state construction group doesn’t even have the qualification to be a finalist."
"Are there any questions? There is nothing you can go. "
Xiang-an Zhou and others are all away from the meeting room, leaving three people not far from Zhuang, Luo Qiao and others.
"Boss …" Luo Qiao walked to the front of Zhuang and bowed slightly.
The young man in front of us today is his boss.
No, maybe this young man will kill him in a second
I’m afraid it’s a great offense to the boss to let a company founder stay in the company
Not far from Zhuang, I looked at Luo Qiao, whose gray hair was ten years older than Zhuang’s father.
After this person, he belongs to himself?
You have to listen to yourself and ask him to do whatever he wants, or you have to get out of here.
Well, that’s what it feels like not to get a card.
Chapter 15 Dark thoughts of salted fish farmers and servants
Incorporated the virtual city tunnel to build hou zhuang, not far away, collapsed in the manor for two or three days while lying down and shouting, so tired.
In his own words, it is the "cause party" energy bar. Now I am a family party salted fish.
Anyway, I have the ability to eat and die in the manor, and there is nothing wrong with not working hard!
The Gu Family Party said that our Gu Family Party is working hard to produce manor output and refuses to accept the landlord, a well-known family guy like you.
Even Liu Jingue, a foolish loyal man, has been complaining about the tired salted fish farmer lying on Daniel’s back.
"Master Zhuang, if you are really so free, would you please deal with the problems in the manor now?"
"Problems in the manor?" Zhuang wondered if the manor was thriving now.
"First of all, the loyalty of manor servants" Liu Jinge said, "In the last week, a total of six servants’ loyalty decreased, including An Danyue, Ma Changfeng, Zhao Min, Nong Lixin, Wang Fugui and Yu Xiang … Their loyalty decreased, which led to the decrease of manor output efficiency"
Not far from Zhuang, these people are all old people in the manor. What loyalty has dropped?
The first four people are familiar with Wang Fugui and Yu Xiang, the chef and chef Yu Jie in the company not far from Zhuang.
Not far from Zhuang, you can see that the loyalty of these people has not changed, ranging from ordinary to loyal.
However, the progress bar has indeed been shortened to varying degrees.
If the loyalty changes greatly, the manor will wake up not far, but I am afraid this subtle change will not be noticed if it is not near Liu Jinge Manor.
For the manor owner, the servants have almost no privacy and have detailed records in their personal data.
Zhuang not far does not like to pry into the privacy of servants, on the one hand, because he is trying to be self-disciplined, on the other hand, because it is too time-consuming.
Not far from Cizhuang, I was curious to hit Deng Yali’s profile and accidentally watched it for two nights, which felt like watching a strange movie.
This is the family history of a man who swam in the gray area, started from a gangster and eventually became a boss. Some of his experiences made Zhuang not far away feel very worthy of being filmed, such as The Pursuit of Happyness, which was filmed in black.
But I have to say that this feeling of spying on the servants’ privacy gives Zhuang a strange sense of control not far away, which is even stronger than when issuing cards to the servants
What you hide from me, I know you like the back of my hand.
Facing the mystery of loyalty, Deng Yali Zhuang is not far away, but he dares to believe him because he knows that Deng Yali can’t go against the sky
In some ways, Deng Yali has been favored recently because he has not seen Deng Yali’s personal data, but he has neglected others in the manor.
Such as Zhao Min.
Zhao Min’s interface shows the most important status at present.
The first one is "Zhao Jikun is getting married soon, and the marriage room has not been solved yet. Do you really want him to live with me? The net says this is not good for two generations. "
Article 2: "Recently, I dug a tunnel to try to increase output, but the landlord didn’t say that I would be rewarded. Deng Yali made a fortune …"
"Ah, I see …" Not far from Zhuang, I took a shot on my forehead. This is because I don’t suffer from poverty but suffer from inequality!
We all work hard at the manor, and we all volunteer to work and get some dead wages, which is nothing.
But suddenly, a guy made a fortune, and the new people who joined the manor may not have any ideas, but these old people who followed Zhuang not far away at first will naturally have ideas.
Zhao Min is an honest man, but honest people also have their own demands.
I didn’t realize such a problem. I’m really a salted fish farmer!

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