We had a whisper in the garden where the kite was made that year.

It turned out that it was all my memories.
Never has Liu Yuwei fallen from her heart. She seems to have seen that year again-a girl sitting alone on a swing in a garden, looking at the winding path and humming an unknown lonely ditty-
"The wind is floating …"
"Swing swing …"
"My path …"
"Little … Xiao Yuwei?"
An uncertain but expected sound sounded behind Liu Yuwei.
With heavy steps LiuYuWei body a shock a face of joy to look back at Zhai Ling.
"I knew you hadn’t forgotten me!"
Zhai Ling is also a happy way, "It’s really you!"
It is said that the female university has changed ten times!
But I haven’t seen that petite girl in three or four years, and now she is slim and beautiful!
No wonder Zhai Ling froze!
It was only a year ago that Liu Yuwei transferred to Feihai Middle School, but at that time, she saw that Zhai Ling was lost and wanted to go to Joseph. But Zhai Ling was always indifferent at that time. Liu Yuwei naturally didn’t dare to bother Fang Bo to help him quietly.
At that time, every once in a while, Zhai Ling met a group of people who claimed to be doing public welfare activities to give students a physical examination. In fact, Zhai Ling was asked to accept Dan Mai to warm up and recuperate his body
Liu Yuwei pursed her mouth with a smile and complained, "You are still so stupid! It took so long to remember that it was me! "
Zhai Ling was embarrassed to touch his head and laughed. He didn’t know what to say.
Two people speak the same language.
Suddenly all blushed again.
"You … you go first!" I really don’t know what to say. Zhai Ling chose to let Liu Yuwei speak first.
Seeing Zhai Ling’s silly appearance, Liu Yuwei smiled with a heart and said, "Are you okay now?"
Zhai Ling could see that Liu Yuwei’s heart raised her arms, so she was strong. "Eat well! You see … Awesome! Are you afraid? "
Liu Yuwei pouted and smiled. "You are much more talkative now!"
Zhai Ling ha ha a smile teasing "to say change or you change a lot! Before that ….. So petite! Now … Gee! "
Seeing Zhai Ling deliberately teasing herself, Liu Yuwei clenched her fist and waved two "bold" words and said, "Do you want to be beaten?"
Beaten up?
At that time, Liu Yuwei would treat Zhai Ling with a fist every time she was played by Zhai Ling.
I heard Liu Yuwei say that she would beat him. Zhai Ling smiled like she was back in the old days.
Liuyuwei naturally felt this and Zhai Ling laughed at one another.
This moment is very warm!
"Are you going to take the special professional exam?" Liu Yuwei will naturally associate it with the assessment after a few days when she sees the refining cabinet in Zhai Ling.
Zhai Ling nods: "Yes! So are you? "
LiuYuWei sweet smile "yeah! Is really decree by destiny? "
Zhai Ling feels the same way.
Liu Yuwei asked again, "Have you decided what college to apply for?"
Zhai Ling shook his head, "I really don’t want to good! I heard that the mature institute of refining seems to be a virtual courtyard and dust … "
Dust what Zhai Ling to forget but LiuYuWei know.
She said, "It’s a dusty courtyard!"
Zhai Ling nods "yes! That’s them! But I also know that these two colleges value refiners more than other colleges. "
LiuYuWei like a counselor to Zhai Ling advice way "well! These two colleges really value refiners more than other colleges! However, the two of them have different ideas about refining. "
Different ideas mean different directions of refining practice.
Once you choose the wrong one, it will affect your life!
Zhai Ling has to be serious about this!
Liuyuwei also guessed that Zhai Ling had carefully explained that he didn’t understand the empty courtyard and the dusty courtyard. "The empty courtyard attaches importance to orthodoxy! All the students will accept the tutor’s commitment, but the dusty school pays attention to free play! Free creation! It is this innovation that is too hard! "
Creating a road must be full of hardships!
Zhai Ling secretly thought that his memory of Lire’s evil is equivalent to inheriting the evil emperor’s inheritance
It is reasonable to say that he should enter the virtual heaven courtyard. It is Zhai Ling who is definitely the evil emperor. No third person knows about it.
This means that it seems to outsiders that Zhai Ling was created by himself! However, Zhai Ling is determined that he will never accept the evil emperor step by step.
The best bearing is not necessarily the best, but the most suitable way is the best!
In order to thank Liuyuwei for explaining that Zhailing took Liuyuwei to a beverage shop in Refiner Pavilion.
Followed by a chat, if it is not getting late, it is estimated that the topic of the two will not end!
There are only a few days left. Liu Yuwei knows that Zhai Ling doesn’t want to delay Zhai Ling’s practice, so she can hide away.
Just take a look at the back!

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