Then bring back the mysterious avatar of monty.

Enchantment, soul-splitting, incarnation, Jing Xin-mo’s thoughts, led by Monty’s magical powers, are integrated into the illusory shadow.
With a strong sense of god and understanding of the magic way, I finally realized the mystery of this magic way.
The main road is connected, even the magic road is still inseparable from the main road.
Monty can rely on this avatar to attract millions of demons, so the world will punish the demons for millions …
Take advantage of the mobile phone of Elder Martial Sister Qingchi to escape back to the body.
While monty was scattered by the elder martial sister, the Baiyun Tower was immediately read to two younger martial sisters to tell the story of monty.
All three are decisive people. Xia Chaoyang asked Xiaohua Ling to help run the large array, while two brothers and sisters entered the epiphany together.
The light falls and the pearlescent cover protects Dading. The three people close their eyes and concentrate on each other, and they share an epiphany.
Suddenly, outside the sky, a beam of moonlight shines straight through the branches of the red phoenix tree, just shining on the big tripod in Zhongzhou.
Chapter one hundred and eleven The end of the big dream
As if the pool was not full, I tried to absorb the scattered clouds as soon as the moon fell.
After absorbing the cloud and mist, the moonlight beam is particularly bright and clear, and the virtual fluctuation reveals the breath of real time regularity.
Turned out to be heaven to induction to the familiar breath Baiyun Tower Ruyi Pearl left a soul and immediately insight into the origin of this moonlight beam.
Although the magic weapon of the sundial was shattered by monty, the Baiyun Tower was still aware of the rules of yuehua time with the mind connected with the body
There are more than a hundred times the difference between people in a split second, which is worthy of being the supernatural power of heaven.
In this Baiyun Tower, I left the pure sun to separate my soul, and made a real fire sword to kill the scattered magic shadows, giving the two martial sisters an epiphany and fighting for more time.
Fire shine didn’t hesitate at all, and the fire line circled at top speed to escape and burned out one magic shadow after another.
Aly has just finished his metamorphosis and incarnated into a flaming bird. The tail feathers of the bird rolled up hot fireworks and followed the fire to shine in the shadow.
Don’t say hello to hiding array base several fairy godsworn all flicker to escape efforts to conjoined broken and method to move body Mei Weng all escape spirit force to delay the reunion of ghost fragments.
Large array of their own busy outside the large array also going up.
Just now, with the white leader’s soul escaping into the large array, there is no manifestation of the original situation. Although most of the younger brothers don’t develop the picture, they have a small mirror and can still know the war.
It’s hard to find a magic gas outside the large array, and it’s hard to see the situation clearly, which can make a group of Qingyun disciples anxious.
Immediately, the Nangong Xiaojing found the master elder sister Qingchi and said the reason.
Qingchi simply raised my hand to clear the sea and melt the clouds into the sky, directly pulling all the monks and siren outside the large array into the dreamland.
As a result, all the changes in the large array have been clearly seen by all.
Look at the fierce place. Many monks are angry and want to rush, but they are stopped by clouds and clouds.
Until just now, the three people in Dading had an epiphany in Yuehua, and the opportunity to speak in Qingchi broke out again.
Just then, a beautiful figure stepped on the ice crystal clouds and flew to the front of Qingchi.
"Sister Qingchi …" Yingying worshipped before the snow silkworm.
"See?" Qingchi chuckled and asked
Snow silkworm shook her head gently and replied, "The end of the big dream … is like a fantasy, but my sister’s dreamland makes snow silkworm see the truth."
Talking snow silkworms show two pairs of clear ice crystal butterfly wings behind them and bow to leave.
"It’s not time yet …" Qingchi lightly sighed and stroked the delicate face of a snow silkworm.
"The timing is just right …" Snow Silkworm firmly replied that the butterfly wings behind him were instantly escaping from the dreamland and breaking straight.
As soon as the clever figure fell into the array eye, it spread its wings and fled to the side that was forcibly gathering the magic shadow.
Glancing at the flaming buttonwood, the snow silkworm whispered softly all over the body, and the hand tactic was so complicated that it moved.
A moment later, a virtual shadow of a few feet of snow butterfly appeared around the snow silkworm.
Stay virtual shadow slightly solidified butterfly wing force a huge butterfly shadow swooped down with the body.
The magic shadow is reunited with the magical power of Daoism to form a height of tens of feet, with only ten feet left.
It seems that the magic shadow, who is aware of the abnormal fluctuation of Qi-qi, quickly pats a claw.
The huge butterfly shadow was scattered by a claw, and the powerful impact of snowflakes in the sky instantly shattered the snow silkworm body and turned into a blood fog.
I didn’t expect it to be so easy to break up the seemingly weak butterfly demon, and Monty was extremely arrogant and pointed to laugh, and the arrogance rose again and marched to the red phoenix tree.
This change happened too quickly, which not only shocked all the fairies who were besieging the magic shadow, but also shocked the monks and the siren outside the large array.
"Snow silkworm!"
Redjade exclaimed that she was about to give up her life when a figure with a sluggish tail tip broke out, but the changing scene stopped her figure at once.
Seeing the ice crystal snowflakes scattered in the middle of the school suddenly interrupted, and then it was like a bird returning to its nest and converging to the heart of the magic shadow claw.
The blood led the snow silkworm junior sister to kill the demon and sacrifice the dharma body, Baiyun Tower, and the pure sun separated her soul. Her mind was slightly shocked and she was deeply moved.
Is feeling but see the magic shadow around the magic flame rises and seems to want to burn out these into the body chill.
But those snowflakes melt by themselves and become white fog ghosts.

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