"Real people, what is my injury?" Taiwendao

Yuan Shoucheng "Don’t worry too much about being original. If you don’t break your leg, you will probably become lame."
"What?" Li Chenggan immediately stood in situ.
At this time, the body-guard who climbed the shore again came too late to help him up, but he slapped him.
Yuan Shoucheng came to the river. The blue-backed dragon had absconded, but he had already remembered it. Can he escape?
Pinch your fingers, calculate the direction, and then recover quickly.
Green-backed dragon felt the terrible momentum behind him and immediately rushed to Dongting Lake without knowing it.
All the creatures in the lake are dead, and the dragons’ bodies float on the water, which attracts many foreign goblins to scramble for one more bite of the dragon, which will make the chances of turning it into a dragon in the future better.
Qingbei Dragon plunged into the lake with the intention of getting rid of Yuan Shoucheng with strong dragon blood smell.
Yuan Shoucheng didn’t expect that so many dragons died here, so he immediately calculated again.
After getting rid of Yuan Shoucheng, Qingbei Dragon turned into a Tsing Yi man and came to Yueyang City. He finally settled down but didn’t want to hit Wu Ming head on.
"hey? You didn’t come to escape, did you? " Wu Ming eyes a bright way
Green-backed dragon saw that the young Taoist priest was pulling himself immediately, saying that he overslept and was about to catch up with his family and let Wu Ming let him go.
How can Wu Ming not play when he is physically and mentally exhausted from a big war and sees Le Men coming?
Immediately, I grabbed Qingbei Dragon and said, "Being original is used to meeting people. If this layman doesn’t let me show you what kind of evil things are."
Qingbei Dragon thinks of the previous picture of Yuan Shoucheng’s sword killing himself all the way, and immediately hesitates to take the sidewalk "so long as you are rewarded, you will pay."
"Good talk, good talk"
Two people immediately came to the side of the road, a tea stall table with a bowl of fast handless small, and the stall owner didn’t even tidy up his belongings.
"Hush, your face is blessed with expensive and fierce!"
The green-backed dragon respectfully asked, "Sir?"
Wu Ming pinched his finger and said, "You must have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth when you were a child, but unexpected trouble cut off the fortune and then struggled step by step."
"Sir, if the man of God doesn’t know if there is a solution?"
Green-backed dragon was overjoyed and forgot how his father died.
"Simple, he can pull out the misery and ascend to heaven for you." Wu Ming pointed to the back
Green back dragon immediately turned his head to look at a beaming face suddenly became bereavement Yuan Shoucheng.
Yuan Shoucheng ignored it. When this fellow escaped into Yueyang City, its life did not belong to itself, or it was already doomed.
"Brother, visit the master."
Green-backed dragon was shocked. Isn’t this Taoist master the evil one?
Then it was bitter. It was really fierce!
"Well, how’s Li Chenggan?"
"It doesn’t matter if you return to the master. I’m afraid you will be lame in the future. The resentment of the King of Jinghe has exhausted Ziwei’s luck."
Aside Qingbei Long Wenwen immediately laughed. Anyway, he is also a dead man. Somehow, he was avenged by his father.
Wu Ming left it at a glance, but his heart was thinking about finding a suitable opportunity for Li Chenggan to arrange his income. Li Xuanming’s name is so immortal that he can’t run away.
God arrival
But it’s not urgent to become lame for the time being. It’s suffering
"Master this evil dragon such as disposal? I’m afraid there is still some trouble when the highest day captured the two dragon kings in Qiantang Dongting, causing them to die. "Yuan Shoucheng thought of the horror of his nephew before, but he hasn’t woken up yet.
Wu Ming waved his hand and didn’t look at the matter. When the two dragon kings died, they died. The dragon is not short of people. Now Ying Long will return to China and properly handle it. Only after returning to heaven to report to the Jade Emperor can he practice with peace of mind.
"It’s up to you to dispose of it. I’ll go back to heaven to reply." Then Wu Ming turned into a rainbow and went to the worse place.
One person left, Yi Long, looked at each other.

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