"The avatar mysterious is you can imagine? Today, everyone’s beam is a cause and effect, and it has been established. If you kill your town in the future, don’t blame it. "Looking at the ancestor Yu Duxiu’s decisiveness, I wanted to move the ancestor’s’ conditions’ before I shut up, but I thought about it and gave up the number of people who were jealous of such a terrible treasure. Those conditional promises still need to be sharp-eyed, but it’s just that I want to take off the sacrifice and refine the treasure, so it’s not a valuable promise.

"Is really can’t find this little world attainments have reached a very deep level, we can’t find this little trace at all. big sleep still suppressed this little thing early. Where is the trouble to suppress him? This little struggle is always to be confessed by all the departments." Hubei God said.
After listening to the myth of Hubei, the strong men nodded in succession, so Jade Duxiu finally knew how the unlucky ghost was killed by these bastards. The strong men made moves to divide Jade Duxiu’s original body and then divide it into pieces. "Yin and Yang are separated by this small part of the body to suppress my nether world."
"The turbid gas in my earth is boiling, which is bad for this little body. Maybe after millions of years, the turbid gas can completely erase this little body." It’s creepy for Hubei God to look at a part of Jade Duxiu’s body and grin.
"Thirty-three heavens can suppress a part of the flesh" is too easy to teach ancestors.
"There are three demon families who are detached from the demon family, and they can also suppress part of the flesh" like Shinto.
"I’m willing to suppress a part of the flesh." Long Jun of the East China Sea took the initiative to say that everyone would take this responsibility, even if Hong Jun was born in the future, all the responsibilities would still be shouldered by everyone.
"alas! Hongjun was planted this time! Let’s not even make moves. He offended all the strong in the heavens and the earth and didn’t know to run for his life. "Let’s sigh at the sky."
O clan twelve strong four seas five terrans plus demon clan three is a total of twenty-five strong, and there are still six strong forces that are super detached, and it is not enough for three people to go in.
The general trend is that if you want to get the treasure, you will die. This vast world is guarded by many strong people. It is impossible to call you both the treasure and your life. That’s the crystallization of the law. Is that indifferent?
Ghost Lord The six great divisions in the wheel of karma suppressed Jade Duxiu in the deepest part of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and the ancestors also stepped in to suppress the circulation of divine light in their eyes, and suppressed Jade Duxiu in Terran secret places to personally bless all kinds of seals, and even stepped in to suppress a part of Jade Duxiu in 33 days.
The Dragon King of the Four Seas made moves to suppress Jade Duxiu in the eyes of the sea.
This jade show has been completely suppressed and can no longer come out to scamper.
"It’s a pity that the suppression of Hongjun is not the purpose but the crystallization of the law. I don’t know when Hongjun can deliver the crystallization of the law. If we can understand the crystallization of the law, we will certainly take it to a higher level." Grandfather Tai’s eyes are full of regrets
The crystallization of this law is important for the strong to break through the card, but it is also important for the strong to understand the laws of the world beyond the realm.
"Let’s go! It will be interesting to see how many years Hung-chun can endure. "SIRS the strong are over.
Han Yan looked at the ice monster. "I don’t know where my friends are?"
Ice monster hesitated slightly. "But it’s a place to go. Since my master wants me to stay with him, I’ll just help him suppress the four seas. If he conquers the dragon in the future, he can take revenge on my master."
"It’s not a problem to have a cabinet to join the just four dragons. Your family is suppressed. This great struggle is impossible to be born. After several great struggles, there may be a chance." Cold Nai sighed
Thirty-three Heavenly Jade Jingshan Jade bodhi old zu gave up the struggle and suddenly sighed, "It’s a pity that it seems that bodhi old zu’s bad luck is really too heavy. Even Hung-chun, a small one, can’t bear to suffer from bad luck."
When the turtle prime minister heard the news, he threw the jade bodhi old zu out instantly. The jade bodhi old zu rolled his body and his eyes were full of regrets. "I’m going to try my best to save this jade Jingshan, so you can keep it."
Looking at the jade bodhi old zu gone turtle prime minister gently took a long breath "fortunately, fortunately, this old bastard finally left."
SIRS Long Jun of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea looked at the brocade scale and the Dragon Jun in the East China Sea said meaningfully, "Good brother! I don’t know, but what secrets haven’t been revealed? Call me dragon this time. "
Brocade scales smell speech hesitated slightly. "There are still some secrets, but it’s not time to say that Hung-chun seems to be different from ordinary creatures."
"oh? How is it different? " Donghai longjun avenue
"Let’s go and study the hung-chun’s flesh, and the eldest brother will know it." Brocade said.
"It will be interesting to see what’s different about Hongjun. Hongjun claims to stand out from the crowd and I don’t know what’s different." Long Jun of the East China Sea got up and five brothers walked towards Haiyan in order.
The ghost god in the underworld sits opposite the ghost Lord.
"Are you going to devour Hongjunyuan?" Looking at the insect, the god and the ghost, the Lord was suddenly shocked and a bit horrified. "Is that Hung-chun already immortal?"
"I’m a born creature." Worm God shows white teeth.
Chapter 197 Calculation
Insect god is a congenital beast, especially a famous beast that devours everything, and there is life everywhere.
Looking at the bug god’s eyes, the ghost Lord of the underworld nodded. "Hung-chun, this fellow is too f * * king. If you can devour this fellow, it’s better, but it’s also a menace. There is always a sense of crisis in Hung-chun’s heart."
Talking, the ghost master’s palm stretched out and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma circulated, and a quiet black hole emerged on Sunday. Seeing no light, terror was daunting at first sight.
Looking at the secluded black hole, the insect god didn’t hesitate to decompose several groups of insects into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and disappeared.
Thirty-three Heavenly Sirs’ Demon God’s place is like Shinto. "Hung-chun, this fellow is amazing. Now, this scourge is finally removed from the heart. Without this little random calculation, the heavens and the earth are missing a muddy water person, and we, the demon clan and the protoss, can also have less disasters and less muddy water people."
"Yes, it is this reason that Hung-chun is the protagonist of this great struggle. Even if he is suppressed by all parties, he has not only failed to be suppressed, but has soared to the sky. Now it is really great that the first ancestor in ancient times generally needed me to wait for Qi Qi to be able to suppress this fellow. Now he will suppress this small part of the source. Even if it is a small one, it is impossible to make a comeback unless it can knock over all the strong people, but this may be minimal."
The fox god was silent and then slowly walked out of the Heavenly Palace, watching the fox god go away and his back looked like Shinto. "Why does the fox god feel something is wrong?"
"It’s really wrong and I don’t know what’s wrong. After Hong Jun was suppressed, he was worried?" Hushendao
The two demon gods are silent and don’t pay attention to the fox gods, but deal with all kinds of problems of the demon race, plotting to kill the fiend clan, such as the town, and kill the fiend clan.
Thirty-three Heavenly Jade Duxiu was suppressed.
"Why are you here?" Jade Duxiu’s head stood on a tray and looked at all kinds of graceful manners. The fox god’s eyes flashed with a play abuse.
"Call you arrogant, call you arrogant. This time it’s great to be dismembered and suppressed by all parties in heaven and earth." The fox is so good that the jade is unique in front of him.
Jade Duxiu sneered at the news and looked at the fox god. "Why did you come here today?"
"I’m looking at you as if you were sealed by someone, like you’re in a mess." Fox God sneered
Jade Duxiu shook his head and slowly closed his eyes. "I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you. I’m not only alive, but also alive. If I don’t die, I can be born again one day."
"Knowing that you can’t get into the trap, you will die." The fox god looked at Yu Duxiu’s head and slapped Yu Duxiu. Yu Duxiu suddenly angered, "Why do you hit me?"
Fox God stared at Jade Duxiu with a pair of eyes, and pointed his finger at Jade Duxiu for a moment.

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