Now you are in their dark place

And we in the dark, in the dark …
As the saying goes, after the mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds, you will benefit from us and harm each other. "
Yu Huifei heard this mouthful of tea sprayed out and coughed, "Do you think that … pen spirit will be very powerful?"
Qin Shujuan is very serious. "Positive nature can’t stop guns, but they are very good at stealth. It can be said that they are very difficult and troublesome people. If you are with us, I can let people protect you."
I will unconsciously look at the room, the room lit and left.
At the same time, the front yard came to cross and scream, "Brother, it hurts gently …"
Chapter 353 Good sister sa jiao
I will have to rub my eyes and say, "If it’s a pen spirit, I think I can still handle it."
Qin Shujuan smiled and shook her head. "You know nothing about their strength, but even if you can deal with these bugs in the gutter, it may not be good for your hand …"
I finally frowned this time, which was what he had been worried about before.
What if the immortal Taoist jumps over the wall and fails to do it, and he goes to find trouble with his family?
Qin Shujuan said, "Boss Yu, don’t worry, we just want to be in line with you!"
Yu Huifei finally sighed and said, "Well, I can’t get along with you, but you have to watch my family."
Qin Shujuan laughed. "Don’t worry, I’ll let my brother go there in person to make sure they are safe."
I’m relieved if I don’t, and then I clap my hands and say, "Drag it over!"
For a moment, the door and the back yard were closed.
Dian and Pi were kicked out of the house.
Horizontal and Si are often returned by black and white.
Qin Shujuan looked at Yu Huifei puzzled. "What does this mean? Who are they? "
I will be impatient. "Introduce yourself."
Four people are arrogant people, otherwise they won’t know that Yu Huifei is a fairy and wants to challenge.
They can bow to Yu Huifei or to others on the ninth floor.
They really don’t want to talk to an outsider, but they can’t ignore me if I have to talk.
It’s better to be tactful and think about it. Anyway, it’s time to say it, and it’s time to be unintelligent and unintelligent. You can’t go back to Changsheng Road. It’s better to behave well and make great contributions.
So he ordered, "The immortal Taoist spirit will be a little good at hypnosis."
Qin Shujuan didn’t take it seriously, but when he heard this name, he was shocked and pointed to the point. "He …"
I will say, "Keep going!"
Leaving it is simply a way of "longevity"
Qin Shujuan swallowed. If she realized something, she looked at Yoko and Si.
Cross glanced at si two people sighed "longevity road cross, si"
Hearing these names, Qin Shujuan shook her hands and said excitedly, "Is this … is this true?"
I will not solemnly nod. "Of course it’s true. What do you think? Am I kidding you about this?
Oh, by the way, there’s another one standing dead in Shiling
You find that he is one of those bones. "
Qin Shujuan was completely dumbfounded …
Then her face turned red. One moment, she bragged about how strong this spirit would be. The next moment …
This face hurts a little.
I will not say, "Don’t rub your face. There are still three hanging around outside. You should catch them back quickly. Besides, you should take these four away quickly."
Leave me here, my brothers always want to bury them. "
Point, horizontal, left, and pressed, and immediately shouted, "We won’t leave until we leave!"
Yu Huifei wondered, "Why don’t you leave me here? One by one, you can’t eat and eat, and it’s not enough to feed you without spending money! "
Point quickly cried, "I have more money than the boss! I, I … My hall is in charge of trade. Although the business is now taken over by others, I still have money in my own card. If I have more than 10 billion, I still have it! Dollars! "
I will be a little impatient and want to interrupt the other party. After listening to one billion dollars or dollars.
I will not have a dry cough. "Er … Sister Qin, look, their identities are unusual. They are martial arts and powerful."
Qin Shujuan blew through their cows, and they were prisoners in their hands. One by one, they heard what martial arts were high-powered and magical. It was a red face and I couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground.
I don’t care what they think. People don’t matter. Money matters.

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