Four handprints and four Buddha shadows overlap each other to develop an earth-shattering killing technique.

Guo Yi didn’t know that he had reached the realm of "wonderful consciousness" as Buddhism said, and integrated four homologous but different methods of reasoning and warfare into one.
This feeling is like giving birth to everything in one’s life.
And now he is to reverse this rule.
The combination of the handprints of the four great buddhas has reached an incredible situation.
This palm is actually more powerful than Chen Guan’s palm by three points!
Chen Guan’s face remains the same, but his heart is shocked. How did this happen? The palm strength is definitely not weaker than that of the Yellow Emperor, and it is even stronger.
The duel between the two men seems to be close, but Chen Guan has fallen behind.
This is the first move
Chen Guan, after all, is the first move of the emperor’s strong, but it doesn’t affect his mood at all. His eyes are dark and his pupils are deep, just like two black holes devouring everything in the world.
Guo Yi felt like a storm. Two forces in the center wanted to tear him to the body.
"Yin and Yang Gujing!"
"Yin and Yang Dong Fu!"
Guo Yi is not afraid to fight, and naturally he is even more afraid of the ancient well of Yin and Yang in the abdomen. Suddenly, it flies out of the body in black and white, and the two-color Guanghua suspension is long enough to make the world half black and half white.
The ancient well works with a huge devouring force, such as swallowing the whole world.
The floating Guo Yi’s head is even more earth-like, and it is even stronger than the black hole’s devouring power. Just one hole makes the whole ancient battle platform tremble.
At the same time, the ancient well of Yin and Yang and the abode of fairies and immortals of Yin and Yang offered sacrifices, which immediately blocked Emperor Chen’s eyes, which had a tendency of anti-repression.
The fighting method is fierce and powerful, and the great power of the emperor collides with the atmosphere.
Party a all the monks were stunned. An old quasi-emperor’s face was full of excitement. "Is the gap between quasi-emperors so big?" This is ten times better than me. "
"What’s this small position? How can it be so fate that the emperor will be beaten with pressure? I’m afraid there are also five emperors who have such magical powers when they were young."
"When today’s outstanding people come forth in large numbers, if this person breaks through the emperor’s territory, he will probably become the sixth emperor."
Everyone was obviously shocked by this scene.
Snow Tianlan also showed surprise. Although he already knew that Guo Yi was unusual and comparable to the quasi-emperor, he was able to be strong enough to still make him feel strange.
Not only these people, but also the twenty-six emperors in the Zixiao Temple watched the two men who were at war through their eyes and minds.
These people can become the Great Emperor’s realm. One is that the overlord’s eyes are higher than the top, and the strong can’t enter their field of vision. But at this time, they all nod their heads and keep saying "gee".
"It’s a time of great men and women, and a young man with the talent of heaven. I don’t know who will be the last king in the future."
"The ancient nine-pulse swordsmen have been born one after another, and all of them are amazed. It is evident that Guo Shao, the slayer of the heavenly sword, was able to cut the northern wilderness and ascend to the position of the Emperor of Heaven."
"I heard that the Tiger Man in the Cangwu Sea in the West Pole got the enemy’s heavenly sword. Although it was a quasi-emperor’s territory, it almost killed a great emperor."
"Every pulse of the ancient nine-vein sword practice has great magical powers. Not ancient primates, but now people in this world will create a number of great powers in the future."
"Those swordsmen aside, this young man alone seems to have made great achievements in the future."

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