"Small … small …"

"I remember your child just turned six years old, and his wife looks good. They should all be waiting for you at home as usual." Wei Zhi took a mouthful of light way on the table.
"You’d better think it over before you answer."
"…" Fugu body Yishan slowly looked up.
"Deacon Wei, if I tell the truth, can I … can I go back?"
"That depends on the truth to what extent" Wei Zhihang corners of the mouth slightly become warped.
"If I can satisfy Lao Wei, it’s not impossible for you to survive this time."
"Really … really?" Fugu’s eyes shine.
He is not stupid and naturally knows that this is unlikely, but now he doesn’t want to miss any chance.
"Wei’s reputation is still there." Wei Zhihang’s face is pan-resistant.
"Go ahead!"
"Is" FuGu nodded and wanted to think.
"The real person is the mine responsible for collecting Cao … if Cao needs ore, another person is responsible for it."
"That talent is Cao Honglai’s confidant. It is not clear that they have been avoiding me and I dare not inquire about it."
"But I guess there is a path leading to the outside in the mine with high probability."
"Oh!" Wei Zhixing’s body is slightly exposed.
"Who is that man now?"
"He … died" FuGu carefully looked up and said.
"Killed by guard Lu"
Zhou Jia rubbed his temples.
At that time, there were indeed a few people who wanted to escape to the mine, and he wondered if it was not a seasoned road to escape to the mine. After all, there was a return.
Now I’m afraid that’s their only way out.
Nai …
No wonder Cheng Shaowen will be angry and scold Lushan for being stupid.
"Lushan?" Wei Zhihang frowned.
"Eldest brother" Korea fat to near low mouth.
"I checked that Lushan is another guard in the mine and should not be with Cao Honglai."
"Is it not what you said?" Wei Zhihang shook his head and looked at Fugu again.
"Do you really want to live?"
"Of course!" Fugu’s eyes are wide open and proffering flaming repeatedly.
"Please give deacon Wei a chance. If I can escape this robbery, I will repay your kindness in this generation."
"Good" Wei Zhihang lean forward low way
"When the people in the execution hall will come over for questioning, you are so … so … I’ll keep you alive after the job is done."
"ah!" Fugu was pale and his eyes flashed wildly.
"Really … really?"
"You don’t believe it." Wei Zhihang got up and didn’t pay attention to him. He was coming towards Zhou Jia and patted Zhou Jia’s shoulder with a big hand and laughed.
"Brother Zhou, you are really a lucky star. You just came to solve a big disaster in the meeting!"
"We are all from the same place. If you want to have my old Wei to eat without saying anything, you can’t drink without it."
"After Lai Wei’s boss took care of it," Han Pang pulled Zhou Jia’s sleeve in the previous step and motioned with his eyes.
"Yes" Zhou Jia nodded.
"I hope deacon Wei will take care of me later."
"Good talk, good talk" Wei Zhixing laughed and showed his heroism.
It was not until the next day that the people in the punishment hall pressed Fugu and others away that Zhou Jia regained his freedom, and then he was dragged to drink by Wei Zhixing.
I didn’t get drunk until evening.
"Uh …"
With a hiccup, Zhou Jia rubbed his eyes and stepped forward.
As soon as his body froze, he slowly took his back shield axe and looked sideways.

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